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Welcome to Aurora Merchandise

Those phenomenal tribute shows in 2022 showed in abundance how much Taylor loved music, and how he was influenced across so many different genres.  These shows provided an amazing insight into his versatile musicality vibe.

To witness the Wembley Tribute show from within the stadium was mind blowing, uniting with strangers in showing unwavering support and respect to Foo Fighters whilst remembering Taylor Hawkins.

With every purchase of our Aurora Merchandise Classic, Hawk and Drumkit ranges 100% of the profits are donated in Taylor Hawkins memory.  


Meaning vital funds are raised making a huge difference to @musicsupport_uk and their efforts in aiding to support music industry peers impacted by mental ill-health and/or addictions. 


In 2023 we also collaborated with @LlamaLeisure and designed Aurora Merchandise leggings, which incorporated the hawk, drumkit and stars design.  

These proved a popular choice and have been seen in UK, USA, Australia, and Brazil. 
Proceeds from the sale benefitted @musicmanprojectuk a national charity that teaches children and adults with learning disabilities to sing, sign and play original music and arrangements.

In December a one-off payment was made in Taylor Hawkins honour to @musicares in the USA, a charity that provides a safety net of critical health and welfare services to the music community in Mental Health & Addiction Recovery / Health Services and Human Services.

@OneLastWaveProject was brought to our attention for Board Five where a dedication to Taylor Hawkins was made by one of the Aurora Merchandise team, the board resides in South Africa.

Board Six was released in October 2023 and resides in Santa Cruz, California.  This board holds a dedication from us here at Aurora Merchandise for Aurora Hawk to represent Taylor Hawkins on a board closer to home.  Go check out the Instagram page, see the amazing work being undertaken by Dan Fischer.


At Aurora Merchandise we are all excited to start the year with a website revamp and relaunching our clothing range with our foreverlong hashtags.

More than ever, we are ready to be rescued and sing, dance and laugh hard when the Foo Fighters make their much-anticipated return to tour the UK in June.

The three of us will be at both Manchester and London and we are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you.

With huge thanks to everyone's sales, we have been able to donate 

in honour of Taylor Hawkins. 

Our first donation of £600 was made on 17th February 2023. 

In summer 2023 via our collaboration with @LlamaLeisure we also donated to @musicmanprojectuk

In December 2023 a one off donation was made to

@musicares in the USA.

Find the # on Facebook / Instagram or Twitter - come and join our global community. 

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