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Aurora Merchandise - Where did it begin?

The Full Story

In August 2022 as the Wembley Tribute show countdown began, I felt that a custom flag was needed for the concert.


I had never done a flag for any previous concerts, but the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show Wembley just felt different for many (obvious) reasons.


I was taking my teen, going with friends and arranged meet ups with #crazypantsfortaylor members to celebrate the life of a much respected (rock) hero, whose musicality vibe was so versatile.


The tribute show just hit so different, so creating a flag just felt like a fitting personal tribute.


So I ordered a Union Jack and planned the design, taking inspiration from my Foo Fighter memories from across the years, the design ideas flowed into this:-


  •  Foo Fighters logo

  • Colour and Shape album art - my first foo experience was in December 1997 - Taylors first tour

  • Drumkit - Aurora Green - amazing song one of my top five foo song

  • Stars - February Stars - Taylor and I both shared the same birth month

  • Hawk - just needed to represent Taylor a little more

  • Blue Sun - cold day in the sun - another foo favourite with Taylor on lead vocals

  • Infinity sign - representing Everlong the perfect ending to all foo concerts - of course Taylor will always be remembered by the foo family #neverforgotten #rememberingtaylor


The flag brought foo fans together in and around Wembley across the weekend, it added to the atmosphere and many pictures have been posted across social media.


Once home the flag was posted across to America and even taken to the LA Tribute Show, attached to an American flag.


The flag never came back to me but remains in America in what I see as the perfect resting place.


Post both the phenomenal tribute shows a void was felt, what next.... ideas flowed and posts came and went on social media.

How do we keep some memento, connections were made with Jim Freeman (FFGB) and conversations started around ideas for merchandise.


Back and forth went messages, design, colours, it was not long until the Aurora Merchandise designs were a reality digitally. The designs have also been approved by the family and are all officially protected. 


The Foo Fighters GB tribute band that Jim is a part of all got behind the idea, they supported us with funding samples so we could ensure print quality, material of products and sizing. We even had space on their website to start selling, allowing us to keep costs down and pass on more profit to the chosen charity.


Without this support and so much more from the band, we would not have got to this point.  They supported us without question, because they too love the foos and wanted to continue Taylors musicality vibe along with us.

They also aligned with our ethos that all proceeds from the merchandise goes to one of the chosen charities from the tribute shows, so it brings the whole idea full circle and back to the tribute shows.


Please visit the FooFightersGB website and keep checking for new tour dates for a gig near you, you will not regret it.

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